Fall 2013

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Bible Institute of OKC

 Second Semester Course for 2013

Wednesdays – 7:00-8:00PM


August 21st – November 13th

History of the Reformation HS-404



Class Meets In Fellowship Hall

Terry Kautz, teacher

This is a thirteen week course designed to give the student an understanding of the Protestant Reformation from the seminal events and lives of key people in this era.  The first week gives “The Historical Context of the Reformation” and then, beginning with Martin Luther, we will look at how God used different men in various countries to revive the “all-but-forgotten” Gospel message.  We will also cover some of the men that God used, and the confessional documents of that era such as the Augsburg, Heidelberg and Westminster confessions of faith.


  There is no charge for this course and we hope to have a nursery and children’s class available.


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