Spring 2014

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Bible Institute of OKC

 First Semester Course for 2014

Wednesdays – 7:00-8:00PM


February 5th – April 30th

The Names of God Th-302



Class Meets In Fellowship Hall

DeWayne Bolin, teacher

  The Names of God Th-302This thirteen-week PowerPoint Lecture is designed to focus on the Names of God.  We will utilize as a textbook, the Names Of God by Nathan Stone from Moody Press ($8.00).  These names are not the attempts of men to define the character and nature of God but His own self-disclosure about Himself.  Our study will focus on some the key Names Of God revealed in the Bible not just to know them “superficially” (e.g., a specific title such as Jehovah Jireh – “The Lord will Provide,” as excellent as that is) but to know His Names intimately, in the sense of knowing just how and why God chose to reveal Himself by such designations and what impact His self revelation had on the saints to whom they were revealed and continues to have on our lives today.  The practical benefit of learning about the Names of God can help us to experience more of the love, power and holiness of the God we revere.  We want to glorify His Name enabled by His Spirit to live in a manner worthy to be called His children before a watching world in desperate need of a supernatural glimpse of the invisible God in and through the visible lives of His children.  Our prayer for this course is: “Our Father Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name” (Mt 6:9 KJV).

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