Daniel in the Lion’s Den

July 24, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Daniel 6 |


Daniel 6

Daniel in the Lion’s Den


               A. THE SIN OF THE SATRAPS (Daniel 6:1-15).

1) Masterpiece of political deception.                 

                    2) The godly will be persecuted. 

               B.  DANIEL’S RESOLVE (Daniel 6:10).  

1) Why bow toward Jerusalem?   

                    2) The cost of discipleship.

               C.  THE RESCUE OF DANIEL (Daniel 6:16-28).

1) God honors those who trust in Him.    

                   2) God is in control.     

                   3) Daniel trusted in God (Daniel 6:23).  


Discussion:  What are some of the “lion’s dens” that Christians are faced with today?  What kept Daniel faithful in praying toward Jerusalem in the face of the new law?   How can we imitate Daniel’s faith today?