Ruth a Wife and Mother

February 8, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Ruth 4:13-22 |


      Ruth a Wife and Mother, Ruth 4:13-22


A. The Marriage, Ruth 4:13

1. A Wedding, (vs. 13a)

2. The Baby Carriage, ( 13b)

a. Partnership

b. Parenthood

B. The Women’s Blessings, Ruth 4:14-17

1. A Famous Redeemer, (vs. 14a)

2. A Restorer of Life, ( 15a)

3. A Recompense for Loss, ( 15b)

4. A Nurse and A Name, ( 16-17)

a. Grandma the Nurse

b. Grandson’s Name

C. The Genealogy of David, Ruth 4:18-22

1. A Literary Formula, (vs. 18a)

2. Individuals Specified, ( 18b-22)

a. Perez

b. Hezron

c. Ram

d. Amminadab

e. Nahshon

f. Salmon

g. Boaz

h. Obed

i. Jesse

j. David