Christ: The Mediator of the New Covenant

August 9, 2020 ()

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Christ: The Mediator of the New Covenant
Northwest Bible Church
August 9, 2020
Mike Southerland

Galatians 3:15-29

  1. Covenant and Testament

    1. Its permanence

    2. Its effectiveness is at the death of the one who makes it.

  2. Abrahamic Covenant

    1. Its promises

    2. Its two dimensions

      1. Natural Dimension

      2. Supernatural Dimension

    3. Two Kingdoms promised under the Abrahamic covenant

      1. Physical Kingdom

      2. Spiritual Kingdom

  3. Mosaic Covenant and New Covenant

    1. Mosaic Covenant and the giving of the Law

      1. The law is good.

      2. Three parts of the Law

        1. Ceremonial

        2. Civil

        3. Moral – Summarily comprehended in the Ten Commandments

    2. New Covenant foreshadowed by Spiritual facet of Abrahamic Covenant

      1. Predated the giving of the Law by 430 years

      2. Based on promise, not the keeping of the Law.

  4. Why do we need the Law at All?

    1. Because of sin.

    2. Three uses of the Law of God

      1. Show us our need of a Saviour.

      2. Give a blueprint to civil government on how they are to govern.

      3. Show Christians how we should live.

    3. The Law is not contrary to the Promises of God

    4. The Law is our tutor or schoolmaster

  5. Conclusion
    A. Faith in Christ has set us free from the Law.