Sin Breeds More Sin

September 23, 2001 ()

Bible Text: 2 Samuel 11:6-27 |


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2 Sam. 11:6-27

Sin breeds more sin







Sin rarely occurs in single acts.  By nature it                                 like cancer.  Sin does not want to die and it will fight to preserve itself.  We have all kinds of defense mechanisms in which we keep our sins alive but in so doing, we only buy them more time to multiply and do more mischief.


The better we understand this, the better, with God’s help, we can shorten the life of sin in our own hearts.





  1. Sinful thoughts breed sinful acts.What we see in David is sin breeding more sin.  He commits the sin of lust in his heart, it results in the act of _________________, and sin continued to multiply until it gave birth to death (Jas. 1).


  1. Sinful acts can produce more sinful acts.   Many of these additional sins are aimed at covering up the first sinful act.


1) Sin always seeks to evade _____________.  Cf. Sin of Adam and Eve - fig leaves, hid themselves from the Lord, blamed others.

In order to escape notice and detection, sin must find ways to cover itself up.  NOBODY LIKES TO GET CAUGHT.  We have our reputation to protect.


What made all of this necessary was Bathsheba sending a message saying, “                                       .”  Suddenly, David realized his sin was about to be discovered.   At this point, he should have repented and sought forgiveness from God but instead he began to pursue a scheme of cover-up.


2) David’s sins __________________ as he tried to evade exposure:


1) ________________.  We know that sin is wrong but we get caught up in protecting it.   This is due to pride in our hearts, unwillingness to admit we did in fact sinned.



2) __________________ (vv. 6-13).  David is self-deceived.  Then he attempts to deceive Uriah.


“deceitfulness of sin”  -  Heb. 3

Jer. 17:9

2 Cor. 11


#1  (vv. 8-11) He sent for Uriah to come to Jerusalem.  The plan was to have him go home and spend anintimate night with his wife so that when the baby was born, it would appear to be his.

He gave orders to Uriah to “Go down to your house and wash your feet” (v. 8).  Also he sent a present (v. 8), probably food and wine.

Uriah’s response in v. 11 was noble, loyal, sacrificial.  Uriah was a man of principle.  His attitude toward war reflected his devotion to the Lord.

#2  (vv. 12-13) David got Uriah drunk hoping that his conscience and convictions would be diluted by the wine and that he would go home to Bathsheba, but again it did not work for Uriah’s convictions were made of such that wine could not water down. Uriah was a man of self-control.  Again David is rebuked by the noble character of Uriah.


3) ___________________ (vv. 14-24).  If Uriah could not be deceived into going home and become the “father” of David’s child, then reasoned David, the mother of his child must become his wife.  Therefore, Uriah must die.


4) ____________________ (v. 25).  David now encourages and consoles Joab to not let this matter be evil in his sight for casualties in war are inevitable.  When he should be smitten in conscience, he waxes philosophically to justify his sins.





David is trying to convince Joab to not let this secret murder be “evil in your sight”, and probably is successful in presuading Joab to just sweep it all under the rug.  It seems he has been successful in covering his sin for dead men tell no tales.

But God sees, God knows, and in God’s sight it is EVIL (v. 27), and there is nothing that David can do to change God’s mind about his sin.


God may appear to be silent, but He is not blind.   He does not give us a report card at the end of every day, but He does keep His books and one day the books will be opened.





1) Sin breeds more sin.  Learn a truth about sin’s character, about the sinfulness of sin.  Sin is not content to just come and go.  It scatters its seeds all over the ground.  Sin is not a eunuch!   It pollinates, it reproduces, it multiplies itself in many different forms.


2) We rarely think through the ______________ of our sin. David didn’t.  Pregnancy, cover-up, lies, deception, murder.     It is the nature of our fleshly and fallen hearts that we get caught up in our lusts and we stop thinking biblically.  We don’t hear the voice of the Spirit warning us to stop.


3)  The “_________” of sin never lasts.   Heb. 11:25 speaks of the “passing pleasures of sin”.  Sooner or later the fun is gone and the consequences begin.   Our sin will find us out (Numb. 32:23).


4)  Past _____________is no guarantee of present and future faithfulness.  We must all be watchful.


5) If caught in a sin, don’t try to _________________, but condemn it and repent, otherwise you will find yourself becoming entangled in a stickly web of deceit as you try to cover it up.

Escaping from sin requires:

honesty - admit the sin

humility - dying to  self

repentance -  Grace of Christ to forgive and restore.

Holy Spirit - Rom. 8:13.

Turning to Christ for forgiveness and grace. 1 Jn. 1:9