The Purpose of Trials

July 8, 2018 ()

Bible Text: James 1:1-12 |


Northwest Bible Church - Oklahoma City, OK

J. DeWayne Bolin Study Series in The Book of James July 8, 2018

The Purpose of Trials, James 1:2-12


A. Proper Attitude In Trials, 1:2-4

1. Command: (vs.2)

2. Reason: (vs.3-4)

B. Resorting To God For Wisdom, 1:5-8

1. What is needed? (vs.5a)

2. How do we get it? (vs.5b)

3. Condition for receiving: (vs.6-8)

C. Requires A Proper Estimate Of Life, 1:9-11

1. Attitude of the deprived: (vs.9)

2. Attitude of the prosperous: (vs.10-11)

D. The Results Of Biblically Enduring Trials, 1:12

1. Present benefits: (vs. 12a)

2. Future glory: (vs.12b)