The Source Of Temptations

July 15, 2018 ()

Bible Text: James 1:13-16 |


Northwest Bible Church - Oklahoma City, OK

J. DeWayne Bolin Study Series in The Book of James

James 1:13-16, The Source Of Temptations


A. Where Does Temptation Come From? James.1:13-14

  1. Distinction: (James 1:13a)

a. Trials And Adversities

b. Temptations And Enticements

  1. Prohibition: (James 1:13b)
  1. Reason: (James 1:13c)

a. His Nature

b. His Activity

  1. Disclosure: (James 1:14)

a. Source

b. Process

(1) Carried Away

(2) Enticed

B. What Are The Consequences Of Yielding? James 1:15

1. Conception: (James 1:15a)

2. Birth: (James 1:15b)

3. Death: (James 1:15c)

a. Brings Forth

b. Death

C. Warning Against Being Deceived, James 1:16