The Guidance of Providence

October 13, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Acts 15:40 - 16:10 |


Northwest Bible Church - Oct. 13, 2019 - Book of Acts - Alan Conner

Acts 15:40-16:10

The Guidance of Providence


What is the providence of God?

LBCF 1689 - “God the good Creator of all things, in his infinite power and wisdom doth uphold, direct, dispose, and govern all creatures and things, from the greatest even to the least, by his most wise and holy providence, to the end for the which they were created, according unto his infallible foreknowledge, and the free and immutable counsel of his own will; to the praise of the glory of his wisdom, power, justice, infinite goodness, and mercy.”

A. ASSEMBLING THE NEW TEAM (Acts 15:40 - 16:3).

1. Silas

2. Timothy

B. THE FIRST STAGE OF THE JOURNEY (Acts 15:41 - 16:6).

1. Syria and Cilicia (Acts 15:41).

2. Derbe and Lystra and Iconium (Acts 16:1-2).

3. Phrygian and Galatian region (Acts 16:6).

C. THE GUIDING HAND OF GOD (Acts 16:6-10).

1. Guidance by a closed door to Asia (Acts 16:6).

2. Guidance by a closed door to Bithynia (Acts 16:7-8).

a. Forbidden to go north into Bithynia (Acts 16:7).

b. Stalled at Troas (Acts 16:8).

3. Guidance by an open door to Macedonia (Acts 16:9-10).

a. Macedonian call (Acts 16:9).

b. Luke joins the team (Acts 16:10). First “we” section in Acts.